Magaly Residence

Private Residence

Qiryat Tivon


This is an old house located on a slanted plot, facing the hills panorame.

The external walls were kept standing, but needed steel reinforcement.

The roof and internal walls were completely removed.

A new floor concrete base was done, and so was a new tile roof.

The client's love for massive rough finish wood determined some interesting details, such as the 3 central wood pillars , which sustains the roof main wooden beam .


Architecture + Interior Design + Engineering + Supervision


Wooden  elements as mayor design statementWestviewBelgium aluminum doors openning into the roofed balconyView from kitchen into main area
Old look wooden facade3 wooden totems hold main roof structureView of entrance area, the kitchen area at left.Computer corner
Wooden  elements as mayor design statement
Wooden elements as mayor design statement
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